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Finding the right family planning contraceptive method for yourself can be a bit of a challenge, especially in light of the various choices available and the myths around them.
Even with an individual method like the pill, there can be a bewildering array of brands and types to choose from.

The doctors at Greenway Medical Centre can offer advice, consultation and treatment for your contraceptive and sexual health requirements. All options can be discussed with a sensitivity to your needs and within the comfort of a confidential consultation.

Contraceptive methods can be broadly divided into those that are user-dependent and those that are not.

User dependent methods

User dependent methods are those that involve the user actively practising them – for instance, male condoms, female condoms, diaphragms, contraceptive pills, and the contraceptive ring.

While condoms may have a higher failure rate it is worth remembering that they do protect against sexually transmitted infections, unlike the other methods.

Contraceptive pills fall into two main types, the combined pill and the mini pill or progesterone-only pill. Choosing between the two pills is usually based on the individual patient’s medical history and needs.

There are quite a few brands of the combined pill available on the market and a discussion with your doctor can help clarify which one might suit you.

User independent methods

User independent methods include the contraceptive injection, the implant and intrauterine devices.

The injection is administered every twelve weeks and can be a suitable reversible method for women. The implant which is fitted in the arm is licensed for three years and has the advantage of fertility returning within twenty-four hours of removal.

With intrauterine devices, women have a choice between the non-hormonal copper device and the Mirena, which is hormonal and lasts for five years. The Mirena can also be used as a treatment for painful or heavy periods.

While there are many family planning options available, identifying the correct method for you requires an informed discussion between you and your doctor.

It is worthwhile noting that any of these methods may have side effects and again discussing any difficulties you encounter with your doctor, may help to find a suitable solution.

Although distinctions have been made here, more information may be required so as to make an informed decision that suits your family planning requirements or contraceptive needs.

This information can be supplied by your doctor within a consultation and along with advice that takes into account your age, sexual and general health, medical history and any plans for the future. Your doctor can also help organise any procedures required and can help manage your health in the event that a specialist referral is required.