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The workers compensation and workplace injury services are part of the occupational health services provided by the doctors at Greenway Medical Centre. The doctors can provide workplace injury diagnosis, certificates and treatment for workers compensation claims and work-related injury or sickness.

Workers Compensation and Your GP

One of the purposes of workers compensation is to provide injured workers with medical benefits to cover medical expenses and rehabilitation. It also enables workers to work with their employers cooperatively to either maintain an injured worker in the workplace or help achieve an appropriate return to work as early and safe as possible.

After sustaining a work-related injury or illness, a consultation with your GP will allow them to assess your capacity to work, and where appropriate, provide you with a certificate of capacity.

Your GP will work with you to manage the illness or injury. This includes primary care of your condition, diagnosis and referral to specialist medical or allied health services. Your GP may also assist in formulating an action plan or recommending specific resources. From there, they will monitor your progress and ultimately oversee your safe return to work.

When planning to visit your doctor, please provide information about your claim, employer, WorkSafe agent and work duties. Also, please note that Medicare does not cover this service and that all expenses will require payment at your time of consultation.

As claims may take up to 28 days for a decision from WorkSafe or SafeWork, it is best to discuss your injury with your doctor and employer and submit your forms as soon as possible.

If your claim is accepted, your employer and their insurer will be responsible for medical costs related to your work injury.

Workplace Injury Or Mental Health Stress?

Although workers compensation is associated with a physical workplace injury, it encompasses mental health issues as well. This should come as no surprise as, after heart disease and cancer, mental health problems are a significant health concern.

So, in addition to those who have had a physical injury at work, those whose work has caused a mental health injury should seek support early. Seeking help earlier can assist recovery, and where workers’ compensation is yet to be claimed, costs may be covered later if the claim is accepted.

WorkSafe ACT and SafeWork NSW

WorkSafe ACT is responsible for overseeing and educating the industry on acts and legislation relating to Workers Compensation within the Australian Capital Territory. The current name for New South Wales workplace health and safety regulator is SafeWork.

These organisations provide a starting point for more information regarding workers compensation, legislation, and health and safety within the workplace.

To find out more about the workers compensation and workplace injury services provided by Greenway Medical Centre, please contact our friendly reception staff.